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Testing new front fenders and trailer.

Pictured above is the trailer, the fenders on the car are our new ones ( rears for 225/50/15 tires not the street tires shown). More and better pics of the front fender below.

Started testing new front fender design at Solo events at Cheery Point Marine Airfield (Fox Trot Taxiway) in June, Cape Fear Community College (Black Water) in July, and ZMax parking lot in August. We have put 2945 highway miles on them between auto cross event.

Our trailer ,still unpainted, got its first lon trial run to Charolette to run with CCR SCCA at the ZMax parking lot. It handled great hardly knew it was behind me. It did take more fuel for the trip but to have all my equipment, food and tent with me was worth it.


Our new fender with wider inside flare, and side standard fender on right. Both have same outside flare size.

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