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Construction philosophy

To keep the build easy and as simple as possible  we designed our kit around the NA and NB Miata .  The Miata is well known for it’s handling and long lived mechanicals.  C.R.S. has used as many Miata parts as possible and it is the only donor needed.  In our Base kit we supply all the hardware, custom drive shaft, swap out steering shaft for a modified one, and a  new radiator over flow tank.  Our frame is 16gauge 1 inch square tubing.  All sheet metal is precision cut by c & c water jet or laser.   C.R.S. uses the transmission tunnel as an additional frame member. The sides, floor and aft fire wall, are glued in with a high strength adhesive.  This saves many hours of drilling and riveting.  This same method is used by many premium production cars. A fiberglass hood and fenders come with base kit.  The Cape Fear 7 can be customized to fit your desires. Our current demo is air-conditioned and has been made street legal. A trailer is available that mimics the rear third of the car to carry your autocross tires and tools, beach gear, etc.

1.         You refer to a CF, CF7m, CF7c and CF7h, what do they mean?


The CF7 is a family of Locost 7’s that C.R.S. is in the process of bring to market.  All our frames are basically the same, including using Miata suspension. The “m” in CF7m stands for Miata drive line. This is our base kit, it comes with the choice of using the Miata rear subframe or our own frame which moves the suspension forward 2.375 inches forward on the frame.

C.R.S. has been asked to research the use of Honda S2000 and GM V6 (Camero/CTS) engines.

The “c” stands for GM V6 (Camero/CTS) drive line and is under development. This frame will use our own rear frame, it will test with a 92.5 inch wheel base.

The “h” stands for Honda S2000 drive line. We are searching for a suitable donor car at this time.

2.        What is included in the CF7m kits?

Base Kit: Frame painted with POR 15, all suspension mounting points, welded in forward firewall, motor mounts steering rack mounting points. Front and rear fenders, single piece hood. The floor, sides, and firewalls are installed. Shock absorbers and springs, shorter drive shaft, head lights, turn signals /stop /backup lights, and a single or double roll bar. All fasteners and hardware required to complete the kit. 

3.         ​How much does it cost to build a base CF7m?


Total cost will vary widely but a low of around $10,950 if you already own a Miata in good mechanical shape to mid $20,000’sThe Autocross CF7m kit is $9,250.00. With your Miata the only other thing you will need is paint. Miata’s are priced anywhere from $1500 for a salvage car to $5,800 for a low mileage 2005. . We have a list of options that you can add to the base model to personalize your car that will add to this cost.



4.          How long does it take to build a CF7m? 


The CF7 should take 100 to 200 hours depending on the condition of your donor car.


5.         Where can I see and drive a CF7m?

The CF7m is on display at our Shop, and on many weekends participating in autocrosses in North Carolina Region SCCA, South Carolina Region SCCA, and Central Carolina Region SCCA. Please call and arrange a test drive.



6.         How long is delivery time for the kit?

We generally have one CF7 fame ready to be finished into CF7m or CF7h Standard or Light. We then finish it with the correct mounting point, and material package which takes two weeks.  If we do not have a frame ready an additional six weeks will be required.  We will tell you at the time of purchase a more exact time frame, it should be less.

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